Here is a portfolio with some examples of my work, including French to English translation and writing.

Screenshot of The Little Red Riding Hood story box

DULALA (D’Une Langue A L’Autre)

DULALA (D’Une Langue A L’Autre) is a French nonprofit organization that provides training and resources on bilingualism and plurilingual education for stakeholders in the early childhood education sector.

In September 2017, I translated several of their Boîtes à Histoires©, or Story Boxes, into English. Designed to be used in day care centres, kindergartens, and nursery schools, these allow educators to tell stories in French and another language (often the mother tongue of one or more of the children present) with the visual add of symbolic objects.

And the Waters Prevailed Upon the Earth

My essay on the flooding of the local Hikurangi swamp, And the Waters Prevailed Upon the Earth, was published in the Environmental Issue of The Vernacularist, produced by Auckland’s Depot Artspace in October 2014.

I was lucky enough to be able to illustrate the essay with some great photos by local photographer, Virginia Guy.

Photo of a tree with flooding in Hikurangi swamp.
Screenshot of Food & City Tours' website.

Food & City Tours

Based in Strasbourg, Food & City Tours was one of the first tour agencies in Europe to offer guided culinary tours. They offer a range of guided gourmet experiences to help you discover the food and wine of the Alsace region of France that has been attracting foodies for centuries.

I translated their website from French into English in October 2018.