Copy editing & Proofreading

Because I am also both an English mother tongue translator and content creator, I can ensure that your written content will be read as native by people in English-speaking cultures. This will not only help you build trust with your English-speaking audience, it will greatly increase their chances of engaging with your content.


I copy edit and proofread written content that has either been already translated from French into English, or written directly in English, for both organizations and individuals. Copy editing involves checking your content for not only grammer, spelling, punctuation, but also consistency and style. It can involve rewriting content where necessary. Proofreading looks at spelling, punctuation and typos, along with minor formatting issues. Some examples of the types of copy editing and proofreading work that I have done include:

  • blog articles
  • print articles
  • product instructions
  • promotional material
  • websites

What will it cost?

I charge fixed rates for both copy editing and proofreading that are based on a standard unit of 500 words:

  • Proofreading: €15-20 (NZD 25-33) per 500 words
  • Copy editing: €25-30 (NZD 42-50) per 500 words

Because the quality of previously translated/written material can vary greatly, I always ask clients to supply the work to be reviewed in order to establish a quote.

  • "Fast, efficient work that is above all of very high quality. I’m not used to working with someone who is mindful of both the content and it’s context. Aaron provided advice that went well beyond that of a simple translator. I won’t hesitate using him again in the future."

  • "A professional, successful partnership. Aaron understood the specific nature of our requirements (children’s stories) and provided a translation that met our needs within the agreed deadline. Thank you!"

  • Séverine BarbetteSéverine BarbetteFounder, Qualia Consulting

    "Reliable, on time, an excellent translation. Many thanks for translating our website that uses some quite specialized HR jargon. We will certainly have other opportunities to work together."