I’m Aaron and I’m a French to English translator and copywriter. I help responsible organizations maximize the engagement of their English-speaking audience.

How did I get here? Love. I know, that sounds cheesy, but it’s actually true.

I was living in London, where I’d held a number of different jobs: in a music shop, a bookshop, and at the Tate Gallery. One day I answered a knock at the door of the flat I shared with a group of expats from various parts of the world. I opened it to find a French woman on the other side, who was looking for someone else. Love at first sight (for me at any rate). Somehow I knew I had to have this person in my life, like forever.

Fast forward a few years and we were getting married and planning a move to Paris. There, I cut my teeth as a copywriter working for communications agencies writing content in English for French multinationals. In Paris, I also realized that I had something like the proverbial “gift” for languages. Not only was I able I communicate often complex ideas in French in my mother tongue English, I actually really enjoyed doing so.

So, here I am.

When I’m not translating or writing for clients, I also write for myself. I’ve published essays, poetry, art and music criticism. I’m also occasionally a musician (guitar), and have played things as diverse as Hawaiian music and free improvisation in a handful of different countries. I’m incredibly lucky to currently live in the beautiful north of New Zealand with my French wife and son, a cat, and three chickens.

I work with both organizations and individuals who are creative, innovative, ethical, interested in empowering people through the spread of knowledge, and who are working to make this a better world. If this sounds like you, feel free to contact me using my website, or get in touch on LinkedIn.

Aaron carrying son on shoulders at the beach